About Us

Honorguardz is a company that was created to make a difference in Veterans lives. Comprised of experts in the industry, Honorguardz leverages the information technology (IT) experience of its team members and those who had first-hand experience in the military. A combination of both has helped the team develop and deploy a platform, intended on promoting American businesses that honor all of those who have served and continue to do so.

Our Mission

Our mission is straight forward. Create a revenue stream that would allow Honorguardz to provide resources used in supporting the functions needed to develop, maintain and operate this website. Our organization also plans to donate 20% of all proceeds to the Veteran cause. By working with Veteran based support organizations, we can reach the Veterans most in need. This is an initiative that expands across the entire country. The Honorguardz team is excited to work with all businesses in promoting their brand as a Veteran supported organization.


Honorguardz has been working with various not for profits that provide services for Veterans. As our organization grows, we plan to expand our affiliations across the country. There are many great organizations that work so hard to provide services to all Veterans. Honorguardz will do our best to help as many veterans as possible. Keep an eye out for our new "Affiliations" page coming soon....